Coronavirus Patient Monitoring Solution

Connetix Health & Health in Your Hands Announce Partnership
to Create CHiYME (Coronavirus Home Monitoring and Eventing) Program.

CHiYME (Coronavirus Home Monitoring and Eventing) is designed to be the 24/7 eyes and ears for physicians monitoring suspected coronavirus patients. By providing valuable—and most importantly—relevant patient health data alerts in real-time, it can help inform clinical treatment while greatly reducing false alarms.

How it Works

Patient biometric health data is collected around the clock via wearables and home health devices, as well as self-assessments administered four times per day, during the 14-day protocol. CHiYME utilizes Health in Your Hand’s (HiYH) powerful core technology to continually analyze data to quickly detect key changes in health status that could indicate developing symptoms.

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Importantly, HiYH does a superior job of separating key health signals from other data “noise” per the individual’s health norms. This enables the detection of real and relevant changes as they occur, while greatly reducing false alarms. The patient and appropriately credentialed participating clinician are notified of these changes. This helps support their decision for next treatment steps.

Personalized & Precise

The CHiYME application includes the gathering and monitoring of multiple data streams generated by the user. First, a health survey is administered via mobile phone multiple times per day. The self-assessment provides information on the presence and degree of symptoms known to be associated with COVID-19, such as cough, shortness of breath, and fever. Depending on the user’s risk category, recommended wearables are used to track metrics such as heart rate, blood oxygen, and blood pressure. Machine learning is used to detect medically meaningful change, on an individual basis.

CHiYME Pilot Program

The first CHiYME pilot user, overseen by HiYH and Connetix Health, is a physician under mandatory 14-day coronavirus quarantine after returning from a high-risk area. The remote treatment solution has shown great success in reducing false alerts. Plus, the biometric health signals captured from their data during this period contributed to the decision to proceed to COVID-19 testing.

Since its initial launch, a number of businesses with mission-critical employees have adopted CHiYME. Work sites include The Center for Medical Interoperability and a prominent university in Texas who aims to reduce the risk of COVID-19 for workers returning to campus.

The CHiYME solution generates notifications to the user and, when configured, to appropriate healthcare providers. In addition, reports provide metric trend lines and adherence indications: |

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